Two Questions To Ask Yourself When Buying Pre-Cut Hardwood Lumber

Whether you are looking to sell your home in the future or you want to make it feel more comfortable for your family, you can’t go wrong with pre-cut hardwood fence.  The right fence can add what they call “curb appeal” to your home’s aesthetic.  And that curb appeal benefits you, of course, by improving the way your friends, family, and neighbors respond to your home; but, of course, it can also benefit you by improving the way a potential buyer views your home.


Either way, you need to pick the right precut hardwood pallet lumber to build your fence.  Obviously, price is a factor, but what really matters is “value”:  the quality you get for the price you pay, in the end.

Does It Look Good?

Now, appearance is not, necessarily, the most important aspect of a great fence but it is the first thing people will react to. As such, you want to buy pre-cut hardwood lumber that looks good.  And to do that, you will need to weigh several factors, which include: cut, color, grain, and finish.  Also, you should know that each of these variables can be better suited to different house types, yards, and region.

In addition to these things, though, you are going to want to look for the “grade” of the wood.  This is, essentially, the quality of the wood.  Anything with a grade of 3 is considered “rustic” and is the most common grade in hardwood fences.

You will also want to see how the wood is cut.  The type of cut can also affect the appearance of each plank and that, of course, can affect how regard its quality.  As such, make sure you understand all of these variables to find the best pre-cut lumber suited for your home.

How Strong is it?

While how the wood looks might be the first variable you weigh, how strong the wood is may be more important.  If you are buying pre-cut hardwood to use for flooring, for example, you will need to know that there is a difference between solid wood and engineered wood. As you might have guessed that solid wood lumber is cut from one type of tree while engineered wood consists of two or more wood veneers; and as a rule of thumb, the higher quality wood will be nearer to the surface.

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